The Rogue Legion


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  • Rogue Legion weightlifting and functional fitness wrist wraps are necessary for power lifters, heavy pressers and veterans of the iron game, designed to unleash one’s military mindset to get the mission accomplished.
  • Protect your wrists during heavy cycles of snatches, clean and jerks, bench presses, dumbbells, and deadlifts. Utilize the stability during high repetition movements like kettlebell swings, rope climbs, thrusters, handstands, pullups, and sled pushes.
  • Constructed of heavy-duty extra thick cotton elastic, providing a balance of strong wrist support, stability and flexibility around your wrist.
  • The wrist wrap specifications are: 18-inches long, 3-inches wide, a 4-inch Velcro attachment, and a 2-inch thumb loop which keeps the wraps in place.
  • Decrease the likelihood of injuries and muscle fatigue. Increase your PRs, reps, and weight with confidence knowing your wrists are stable and braced.
  • Rogue Legion wraps offer quality craftsmanship and are built to last.